internal and external

Interior decor: claddings and natural stone floors


Decor your home, your office or your business with marble and natural stone, make your environments unique. Our experience allows us to recommend the best solutions in order to fully meet your needs. We realize furnishing accessories of every kind and with different quality materials: marble furnishings for bathrooms, sinks, fireplaces, kitchen worktops, stairs, flooring and various marble coverings (not only in Ariano Irpino or in the province of Avellino!). The stone is ideal for all rooms in the house and it can be chosen both in harmony and in contrast with the furnishings. We offer a consultancy service to help you to achieve truly unique results.

External marble decor: claddings, garden furniture, stairs and portals


We are specialized in the realization of outdoor furniture in marble, granite and other natural stones with the aim of embellishing outdoor environments of hotels, residential complexes, private homes and public spaces. All designed, planned and implemented with the advice of architects in order to meet your needs. We create marble staircases and portals, windows, balustrades, various claddings in natural stone and garden furnishing accessories such as fountains, sculptures and benches.