Product and Applications

Lapitec official transformers:
large format sintered stone slabs


Lapitec is a sintered stone, formed in large slabs, ideal for kitchen worktops and wall coverings.
Lapitec combines the consistency, workability, elegance and naturalness of the colors and finishes typical of natural stone.
The advantages are many: it is the largest sintered stone available on the market, it can be used for many applications, it is clean, does not absorb, does not stain and is resistant to mould and bacteria, it is eternal, resistant over time and atmospheric agents and it is a natural product made in respect of the environment and the final customer.

Discover all the colours and finishes of Lapitec.

Lapitec processing, applications:
kitchen worktops, interior and exterior coverings and floors


There are many applications of Lapitec, let see the most interesting. The most common processing concerns the kitchen worktops, infact the Lapitec as well as giving elegance and modernity to the rooms is perfect because it is easy to clean, does not scratch and removes mould and bacteria. The high resistance allows the use of the Lapitec also for the construction of kitchen worktops for outdoor use. Lapitec slabs are suitable for covering internal and external surfaces such as walls, doors and stairs, due to its anti-slip properties. The Lapitec is, moreover, ideal for the realization of worktops for activities such as ice-cream parlors, fishmongers, confectioneries, bakeries and similar.